Beats Music Reported To Pay 1.8 Cents per Stream


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David Harrell is a musician in the indie rock band the Layaways which has self-released four albums. He reports that Beats Music payed out an average of 1.801 cents per stream from his December 2014 CD Baby account. His graph below shows the difference between the current Beats Music payout and average Spotify payouts (0.428 cents) for the last few years.

the Layaways payouts

It is not surprising Beats Music is a higher rate. Spotify averages two tiers of users — paying subscribers (high rate) and free users (low rate paid by advertising). Spotify’s average payouts will naturally be lower than Beats Music which has no free version to factor in. All payments from Beats are based on paying subscribers (a high rate).

The real question is volume.. does Spotify make up the smaller revenue per stream with a higher amount of listens? People guess Beats Music has a few 100,000 subscribers at best while Spotify has 15 million premium subscribers… In this case, more people for less money is much better.

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Apple Launching Music Streaming Service Without Beats Music Branding


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Apple will be launching their iTunes music streaming service in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). According to music industry sources, the Beats Music branding will disappear and the service will be “based on technology acquired from Beats Music, including curated playlists, cloud-based libraries…” The current price point is $7.99 which is $2 less than the current Beats Music subscription.

iOS and Android will be supported on the mobile side while the service will be integrated into iTunes for Mac users. There has been no mention of web browser support.

Apple has not officially commented on the new music service, so details may change between now and June. It looks like a farewell to Beats Music is imminent…

Beats Music original

via: 9to5Mac

Led Zeppelin On Beats Music


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… and Beats Music. For those who care, Led Zeppelin now has most of their albums streaming on Beats Music. About a year ago, Spotify announced they were streaming the Led Zeppelin catalog. Spotify had an exclusive… up until now.Led Zeppelin

With the release of the remastered 40th year anniversary version of Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin opted to allow most streaming services to carry their catalog also… it’s about time!

Jimmy Page has personally remastered Physical Graffiti and is offering many different version for purchase here.

Listen to Led Zeppelin on Beats Music here.

Apple Hires DJ Zane Lowe


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Zane LoweDJ Zane Lowe has announced his new employer will be Apple. He will be leaving the BBC Radio 1 after 12 years of nurturing his radio show to be a loud enthusiastic romp through new music discovery. His candid interviews of some of the biggest names in music are top-shelf also.

Neither Apple nor Lowe have said what his position will be. The speculation that Apple is seeking big talent in the music-influencer category is an obvious one. As we’re waiting to see what Beats Music becomes, adding Lowe to their arsenal of curators is nothing short of a victory.

Hiring Lowe may be an indication that the upcoming Apple streaming service will have the DNA of Beats Music; differentiating itself as having “human” curation.

When Lowe made the career move from London-based XFM to BBC Radio 1 more than a decade ago, he explained “This is a great opportunity for me to continue doing what I love but now it is going to be on a national platform.” Forward to today with the Apple opportunity, he says “It’s about being able to get great music to an audience on a global level. I know that there is an opportunity to come out here and to build something that will reach parts of the world that I’ve never reached before.”

Hopefully Apple will announce their grand streaming music plan soon so all the speculation of how all these moves fall in place will… vanish. Jimmy Iovine is reported to be “meeting face-to-face with senior execs from major labels and the major indies.” Apparently a nondisclosure agreement has preceded every meeting. Apple likes their secrecy…

source: the Guardian

The Future Of Beats Music – Rumored


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RumorHard  facts are still elusive, but the first sign of Apple’s future streaming service comes from 9 To 5 Mac citing “multiple sources within Apple and the music industry.”
Here are the rumors:

The standalone Beats Music apps, logo, and brand will disappear and be integrated into Apple’s, still unnamed, streaming service.

The new service will be based on Beats Music technologies but the interface design will be all Apple.

Apple will “deeply integrate” Beats into iOS, iTunes, and Apple TV.

An Android app will be available, but no Windows Phone version. Web browsers will also be left behind from the new service.

The user’s music library will be the starting point for the new service.

Sources say $7.99 per month is the price under consideration.

The launch for the new service might be in June at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

The rumor also notes “internal problems” within Apple – personnel changes, development, and integration of the new service cited as challenging.

So that is the latest… rumor. Slightly over a year after Beats Music launched (January 21, 2014), the path forward is evolving and Beats Music as a separate business may be coming to an end.

via: The Next Episode: Apple’s plans for Beats-based music service revealed

Apple Patent Issued For Sharing Media


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Apple was awarded a patent for sharing music and videos that, in the most basic sense, allows a purchaser to share their digital file while enabling Apple the ability to monetize and possibly track the shared file.Patent Fig.1

Apple patents technology inventions often, but that does not guarantee it will show up in a product any time soon. This particular patent may lend itself to marrying an iTunes download with legitimately sharing it with someone else. But it also describes a two-tier pricing structure. The first tier for a download while the second tier for use without downloading (which may also be called streaming) – This may have applications for Beats Music or the integration of Beats with iTunes in the future.

The details are in the pages and pages of claims about what this technology will do. Browse Patent #8,934,624 here. It starts like this:

“Decoupling rights in a digital content unit from download”
Systems and methods for enabling a user to obtain rights in a legitimate copy of a digital content unit without downloading the copy from a digital content store are provided. The systems and methods provide an encrypted copy of a digital content unit to a first user and transcript the encrypted copy to generate the legitimate copy to a second user. The encrypted copy is encrypted with a first encrypt key that may be associated with the first user and the legitimate copy is encrypted with a second encrypt key that may be associated with the second user.

source: Patent Full Text  Hybebot – New Apple DRM Patent Points To Music Sharing, Two Tier Pricing In Beats, iTunes Relaunch

Private Lunch With Ian Rogers via Charity Buzz


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Ian RogersIan Rogers is auctioning off a private lunch to raise money for The Pablove Foundation through Charity Buzz. The highest bidder can choose Los Angeles or Cupertino with a starting bid of $600. The lunch is estimated to be a $3000 value.

Other Apple executives have offered gatherings to raise money for charities, most notably Eddie Cue and CEO Tim Cook. Cook raised over $600,000 and $300,000 on his first two fundraisers.

The Pablove Foundation invests in pediatric cancer research, and through the arts, helps children living with cancer.

Ian Rogers was CEO of Beats Music and since Apple bought Beats, he is now said to be directing iTunes Radio and Beats Music. Apple is notoriously secretive about its future plans, including how it will use Beats Music. Having some face-time with Ian Rogers might (or might not) shed some light on the future of streaming music. Anyway, it is for a good cause…

Bid here via Charity Buzz.

Music Sales vs. Streaming – Analysis by Bob Lefsetz


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Bob Lefsetz recently did a short analysis on music sales vs. streams – specifically Spotify streams. Lefsetz’s signature is bold, loud and typically gets to the essence of a topic. His Sales vs. Spotify post is no exception. It is worth reading in its entirety, but here are a few of his proclamations: LefsetzLetter

Streams trump sales.
But streams pay less than sales.
But streaming only pays…when a track is streamed!
And, streaming is a worldwide phenomenon.

Data goes both ways. When you put out an album, see what the people are streaming, those are the hits.

Focus on listens. That’s where the whole game is moving. Fans are made by listens.

Focus long term.

The elephant in the room.
YouTube. Which pays so much less per view/stream.

Concerning Billboard charts:
We need to go to a pure stream model.
How many times a track is streamed on all services, that’s all that counts.
We want an accurate count, not a manipulated number.

Read the whole post here. It is entertaining.

Apple Buys Music Analytics Company Musicmetric


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Apple has acquired U.K. based Semetric which makes Musicmetric. Musicmetric claims to have the “world’s most powerful music analytics dashboard.”

Apple and Musicmetric

Source: TechCrunch

Musicmetric enables a “quick overview of how an artist is performing online.” Not limited to streaming services, Facebook and Twitter action only, it also tracks file sharing bit torrent sites, downloads, demographics and sales.

Apple quietly acquired them back in October of 2014. When The Guardian asked Apple for a comment, the reply was predictably evasive, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plan.”

Adding these kinds of deep analytics to Beats Music would add value for record companies and artists. Speculation abounds if the purchase of Musicmetric is specifically designed for the next iteration of Apple’s streaming offering.

via: Musically  |  The Guardian

Deezer Racing Forward


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DeezerDeezer announced they have acquired Muve Music from AT&T subsidiary Cricket. This puts Deezer in the #2 position for paying subscribers among the music streaming services.

With Spotify recently announcing they are up to 15 million paying subscribers (60 million total users), and Deezer appearing to have a specific plan they are pursuing (previously announcing their U.S. Elite tier and now purchasing Muve Music to gain a foothold in the U.S. market), it is prime time for Beats Music to announce its next phase. Apple has been silent concerning what will become of Beats Music – if it will be rolled into iTunes Radio and/or iTunes or continue being its own brand.

Is Apple enthusiastic or ambivalent about the streaming marketplace? Apple’s next announcement may give us an insight. As Bobby Owsinsky points out for Forbes, “Deezer [now] offers a tantalizing feature set unmatched by any other service at the moment. It has a free streaming radio tier, a low cost on-demand tier, and a high-end audio tier available on a single platform.” Let’s go Apple, show us what Beats Music has been doing behind the scenes lately…

Will Apple, Google, or Amazon overpower the music streaming market in 2015 or will Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Tidal, Rhapsody, SoundCloud continue to gain marketshare and show profits enabling survival? Stay tuned…