I wrote this blog to document how launching a streaming music service (Beats Music) evolves from startup to business. In this case Apple bought Beats and Beats Music became Apple Music. Beats Music’s business lifespan was relatively short. You can read all about it on the Beats Music Now blog.

A straight-ahead look at the Beats Music subscription service (which was purchased by Apple).  What it is. How it works. Why we need it. Who is involved. And how it compares with other ways of listening to music. A kind-of running history of the Beats Music service since its launch.

pixI’m an audio engineer that has recorded and mixed lots of music, worked in film and television post production and mastering.  For those who care, I was awarded a Grammy some years back. Adding my voice to the way music gets to fans.  Let’s explore Beats Music!

-Dan Gellert


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