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Apple MusicApple Music was announced today at Apple’s WWDC. Beats Music will be phased out eventually but not immediately. “One place, one complete thought around music” is the concept. iTunes radio will become a global radio station broadcasting 24/7 with beats 1three high profile DJ’s in New York, London and Los Angels called Beats 1. Apple Music will also be conventional on-demand streaming – listen to anything anytime using offline mode. And Apple Music “Connect” feature will give an artist the ability to connect directly with fans via video/photos/etc. all from Apple Music.Apple Music Navigation

So, Apple Music is:
—  Recommendation Engine (For You)
—  On demand streaming music service (New)
—  Global radio station Beats 1 (like BBC 1…)
—  Connect for artists (social network)
—  Your iTunes music purchases (My Music)

ConnectThey have radio, purchase and streaming music covered along with social networking they are calling “Connect”. Looks like an all-in-one platform…

Apple Music will launch on June 30 for $9.99/month or family plan for $14.99/month for up to 6 people. First 3 months will be free – a decent amount of time to discover, explore and get hooked on the features.

Jimmy Iovine was on stage giving some background on Apple Music while Eddy Cue came in to give details and a demo. No sign of Ian Rogers who was reportedly directing iTunes Radio and Beats Music, now all integrated to be Apple Music.

As always, Apple shows the world their products in grand style stating “Apple Music, the next chapter in music.” RevolutionaryThe design will most likely be very clean and direct. But I’m not sure I see much innovation here…. yet. They are creating a complete platform to be used on all their devices. Since free radio will catch on faster, much of the focus will be on expanding Beats 1 global radio. Subscribers to follow.

Maybe the biggest differentiator feature is that you can now ask Siri to play a song. I’ll admit, very useful but not super innovative. Global Radio

After the June 30 launch, Beats Music subscribers will be asked to sign up for Apple Music. Their library of music and playlists will transfer with them. Details on Apple Music website.