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Beats Music logoFor the last 6 months, many rumors have surfaced about how Apple plans to step into the streaming music arena. Speculation of how Beats Music will be incorporated has been rampant across the web and print media. Ashleigh Allsopp has compiled many of these rumors on Macworld UK.

Name change to Apple Music, lowering the subscription price, announcing a release in June at WWDC 2015, free trial period for 1 to 3 months, licensing deals between Apple and music labels not being in place, ability for artists to cross promote other artists, Android version release, suggestion by Apple to music labels to pull out of the free tier in other streaming services, Apple offering to pay the YouTube licensing fees to Universal Music so their songs will not be on YouTube — these are some of the many rumors that have circulated this year.

One fact to note — Warner Music Group announced that streaming music revenue surpassed revenue from selling downloads for the first time last quarter.

Stay tuned for which rumors are true once Apple announces their streaming music product.