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Zane LoweDJ Zane Lowe has announced his new employer will be Apple. He will be leaving the BBC Radio 1 after 12 years of nurturing his radio show to be a loud enthusiastic romp through new music discovery. His candid interviews of some of the biggest names in music are top-shelf also.

Neither Apple nor Lowe have said what his position will be. The speculation that Apple is seeking big talent in the music-influencer category is an obvious one. As we’re waiting to see what Beats Music becomes, adding Lowe to their arsenal of curators is nothing short of a victory.

Hiring Lowe may be an indication that the upcoming Apple streaming service will have the DNA of Beats Music; differentiating itself as having “human” curation.

When Lowe made the career move from London-based XFM to BBC Radio 1 more than a decade ago, he explained “This is a great opportunity for me to continue doing what I love but now it is going to be on a national platform.” Forward to today with the Apple opportunity, he says “It’s about being able to get great music to an audience on a global level. I know that there is an opportunity to come out here and to build something that will reach parts of the world that I’ve never reached before.”

Hopefully Apple will announce their grand streaming music plan soon so all the speculation of how all these moves fall in place will… vanish. Jimmy Iovine is reported to be “meeting face-to-face with senior execs from major labels and the major indies.” Apparently a nondisclosure agreement has preceded every meeting. Apple likes their secrecy…

source: the Guardian