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Bob Lefsetz recently did a short analysis on music sales vs. streams – specifically Spotify streams. Lefsetz’s signature is bold, loud and typically gets to the essence of a topic. His Sales vs. Spotify post is no exception. It is worth reading in its entirety, but here are a few of his proclamations: LefsetzLetter

Streams trump sales.
But streams pay less than sales.
But streaming only pays…when a track is streamed!
And, streaming is a worldwide phenomenon.

Data goes both ways. When you put out an album, see what the people are streaming, those are the hits.

Focus on listens. That’s where the whole game is moving. Fans are made by listens.

Focus long term.

The elephant in the room.
YouTube. Which pays so much less per view/stream.

Concerning Billboard charts:
We need to go to a pure stream model.
How many times a track is streamed on all services, that’s all that counts.
We want an accurate count, not a manipulated number.

Read the whole post here. It is entertaining.