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U2's BonoAdmittedly emboldened by painkillers, U2’s lead singer Bono, has written a massive ‘A to Z’ missive about 2014. A few noteworthy insights …

Bono says that the reason he respects music streaming services “is that they are slowly turning people who are used to getting their music for-FREE, into paying ten dollars a month for a subscription model.” This fact is often under-publicized by the media and over-looked by artists and music companies when asked about music streaming.

Considering the often cited low payouts by streaming services, Bono points out that people talk about streaming as promotion for musicians to play live concerts — but some songwriters don’t play live shows (e.g. Cole Porter). “Songwriters are getting a poor deal right now.” Bono urges record companies, artists and digital services to sit down “to figure out a fairer way of doing business.” Seems reasonable that transparency could settle some nerves. Idealistic?

And speaking of transparency, Bono adds, “I’m proud of Universal group …David Joseph, CEO of the UK, encouraged by his boss, is beta-testing a fresh approach to transparency … a Universal artist will be able to find out weekly, maybe even daily, on their cell phones, how many plays they’ve had and where in the world they’ve had them; also they can be direct-credited the payment.”

That kind of tool for artists from their record company would stretch far the understanding between creator and enabler.

via: LITTLE BOOK OF A BIG YEAR: Bono’s A to Z of 2014