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Beats and Apple

via: Forbes.com

The news about Beats Music is — there is no news about Beats Music lately. Since Apple purchased Beats in May of 2014, Beats Music has slowly pulled back its aggressive marketing beginnings, splashy PR moves, and continuous posts on social media (particularly Twitter).

All this ‘quietness’ is understandable considering Apple is famous for being secretive until the time is right to tell the world about a product.

Yes, there are rumors and info in the media from the classic anonymous “person familiar with the matter” about lowering the price to $4.99, Beats Music being rebranded into iTunes Radio and/or iTunes, exclusive releases with particular artists, employees being fired, total subscribers (some say 100,000, others 300,000) etc etc.

Rest assured, Ian Rogers is busy at Apple building some sort of streaming music platform. And the world will know about it precisely when Apple wants us to know.

Unfortunately, all this translates to fewer blog posts from Beats Music Now. The agenda here is to follow the trajectory of Beats Music as a business. Stay tuned for real news as it comes out…