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SnapshotHere is a snapshot of the machinations happening in the streaming music ecosystem:

As todays most popular artist Taylor Swift professes that Spotify, the most popular streaming service, is an experiment and consequently takes all her music off —

Sony is now re-evaluating its support for free (add supported) streaming services citing the Taylor Swift debacle as “bringing attention to the issue” —

Meanwhile Spotify reports it turned its first profit in France and earlier this year did the same in the UK

What?? biggest pure music streaming service is showing growth with profit and major record company contemplating taking music off of it! —

All while the biggest free service, YouTube, is fully embraced by record companies. YouTube Music Key beta is announced, Google’s version of a paid subscription service —

Apple does not want all its customers leaving iTunes so it leaked that Beats Music will be baked-in to the next iOS and rumor has it they are trying to lower the price to $4.99/month (all speculation) —

And going the opposite direction, Tidal (and Deezer) are offering higher quality streaming audio for $19.99/month —

Will Apple and Google go head to head undercutting price therefore disrupting (and maybe bankrupting) music streaming only services? It appears there is a lot of ‘muscle flexing’ and positioning for streaming distribution.

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