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RadioWill pre-installing the Beats Music App on the next Apple iOS release catapult the streaming service into mass public consciousness? Today Apple leaked that as early as March of 2015, Beats Music will be bundled in their iOS. The Financial Times reported the news came from “people familiar with the situation.”

A little leak like this only teases people and begs for more answers like:

— What will it cost? Apple is said to be negotiating to lower the subscription price down to $4.99/month from the current price of $9.99.
— Will iTunes Radio and Beats Music be integrated into one app?
— Even more interesting might be if iTunes, iTunes Radio and Beats Music were all integrated – stream, purchase a download, and lean back for a radio experience.
— Was this “leak” designed to wet-the-appetite and retain users from moving to YouTube Music Key, where a huge population is listening for free already?

I’m not convinced that simply integrating an app into the iOS will get users interested in subscribing (after-all, iTunes Radio is not considered an enormous success); so stay-tuned to see what else Apple, Ian Rogers and the iTunes / Beats Music team has in store for 2015.