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Streaming Music LogosHere is a rundown of what the streaming services have been up to lately:

Beats Music — No news directly from Beats or Apple – lots of speculation. Reports say Beats may be combined with iTunes Radio in 2015. It’s also reported they are negotiating with music companies to lower the monthly subscription to $4.99.

Tidal — Meanwhile, Tidal is going the other way with price. They launched in the U.S. with a $19.99 per month subscription price, for lossless ‘high fidelity’ streaming music.

Spotify — they’re trying a family plan. Add 4 extra accounts for half the price ($4.99).

Google Play Music All Access — incorporated their recent acquisition Songza. Now they offer mood and activity based playlists for paying subscribers.

Rdio — Raised the audio quality to 320 kbps AAC across their entire catalog.

Rhapsody — Because of growth this last year, they’ve appointed an interim CEO David Hose.

Deezer — launched in U.S. offering only their ‘high resolution’ premium audio through partnerships with Sonos and Bose speaker manufacturers.

Pandora — Recently posted numbers: 77 million active users. 5 billion listener hours. $240 million in revenue, a 42% increase year over year. Results suggest rapid growth phase is over.

iTunes Radio — Other than speculation of Beats Music merging into it, Ian Rogers is now in charge of iTunes Radio and Beats Music.

Xbox Music — is ending free streaming and free radio on December 1. Subscription only going forward.

You Tube Music (or whatever they may call it) — CEO Susan Wojcicki is optimistic that others will see the new service soon.

SoundCloud — has reached critical mass and is in negotiations to license music from music companies. They also released ‘On Soundcloud‘, a partner program with creators to monetize their music.

Sony Music Unlimited — Streaming music is not popular yet in Japan, yet it is Sony Music Unlimited’s strongest market.

iHeart Radio — app connects with Apple’s CarPlay feature on CarPlay equipped cars.