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Beats sunset

TechCrunch feeds the hype about Beats Music fading…

Online media reached a feverish pitch when TechCrunch announced Apple will discontinue Beats Music, according to FIVE sources.

Then Re/code reported that Tom Neumayr, Apple’s PR rep, said the TechCrunch story is “not true.”

Then CNET reports that an Apple spokesman says the TechCrunch story is “absolutely not true.”

Hype Graph

The swirling of rumors graph via Google

Speculation abounds and rumors are swirling by the media world. The most probable: if anything changes with Beats Music, it will be a relatively slow rollout. Re-branding Beats Music into a new or existing Apple product seems more likely than shutting down Beats Music.

Sources: TechCrunch, Re/Code, CNET.