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Last week I wrote about Apple gifting U2’s new album, Songs Of Innocence, to all their iTunes users. Since then, a controversy has ensued. It appears some people are really really angry about having U2’s album pushed on them (actually into their iTunes purchased tab).Apple and U2

It’s unclear to me if most people are mad, or just a small minority of people are angry but yelling the loudest about their Apple/U2 frustration. I’m inclined to say most of the 500 million iTunes users aren’t bothered, don’t care or even know about U2’s album available to them for free.

I’ll probably never know for sure.

The best suggestion I heard was from Bobby Owsinski writing for Forbes. He wrote, Apple and U2 would have “looked a lot hipper by providing a free 90 day Beats Music account that included a proprietary playlist of the [U2] album along, and used the iTunes download as a secondary offering.”

Now that sounds like it would have been a boost for Beats Music. But then again, that may not have been Apple’s objective for this…