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‘Strategic conversation’ might be how I would describe Tim Cook speaking with Charlie Rose. The Apple CEO states only what he wants you to know, nothing more. He does not over-share. He also, quite effectively, makes a story out of most points.

Cook talks a lot about the Apple process, the continued influence of Steve Jobs, and just-a-bit about Beats Music.

He describes how he came to the decision to acquire Beats earlier this year. Cook says, while exploring the different streaming music services,

It dawns on me that when I listen to theirs [Beats Music] for a while I feel, completely different. And the reason is that they recognized that human creation was important in the subscription service. The sequencing of songs you listen to, affect how you feel. It’s hard to describe. But you know it when you feel it.

Cook describes how Apple is laser-focused on just a few products which they try and perfect. He says, “the hardest decisions we make are all the things not to work on.”

That bodes well for Beats Music. While Beats offers Apple a growing headphone and streaming service business, Apple offers Beats the opportunity to scale around the world.

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