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A somewhat mysterious tweet from Beats Music stating “so a new music era begins.”

Although music was a big feature (U2 announcement etc.) at the Apple Live event yesterday, Beats Music and Beats headphones were basically not mentioned.

Some speculate that Apple will have a music specific announcement soon – dealing with iTunes, iTunes Radio, Beats Music and perhaps special features within the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 strategically focused on music. Was this tweet a foreshadowing of things to come?

Meanwhile, two music streaming companies have announced their U.S. launch for later this month. Both Deezer and Wimp (named Tidal in U.S.) are angling toward the audiophile niche by launching music streaming with much higher-quality audio (FLAC 1,411 kbps).

Also, SoundCloud debuted their On SoundCloud service which is a partner program with different tiers to monetize their audience. First time SoundCloud has exposed their audience to advertising.

So has a new music era begun as the Beats Music tweet states? Does Apple have a grand plan to be announced soon? Stay-tuned as music streaming keeps evolving.