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Over 83 million views on YouTube for Taylor Swift’s song Shake It Off. Zero listens on any music streaming service because the song is not available. Yes, Beats Music, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play All Access (after that I stopped looking) — all are not allowed to stream her #1 hit song Shake It Off.. yet.

If seeking a listen to Shake It Off, her YouTube video is the only listen available, other than purchasing. A pre-roll advertisement happens before the song and translucent adds pop up during the YouTube video. I cannot believe the per play percentage of money Swift receives from YouTube is exponentially greater than Beats Music or Google Play would be paying out (it may even be less).

So I ask Taylor Swift (and those working with her) why hold back your #1 Billboard chart single from the music streaming services? Perhaps to maximize purchases? At this point, there are many examples where offering streaming music to fans increases sales. Basically, it drove me to find the song for free on the internet. How is that good?

Shake It Off - Billboard

Hot 100 Chart, Billboard

On the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Shake It Off is #1, but when clicking the option to listen, both Spotify and Rdio play Shake It Off by Mariah Carey! Pay attention Billboard! How is that good for Taylor Swift?

Spotify is the only service that acknowledges the song is missing, see below:Shake It Off - Spotify

Once again, how is this good for a fan or for Taylor Swift?