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When an internet company, an app, or any new tech business becomes dominant, it is hard to imagine their decline. Seeing the new comScore report about smartphone platforms gives a sobering reality-check for any tech company.Smartphone Platforms

The chart shows Smartphone platforms are dominated by Android and Apple. Astonishingly, Microsoft and Blackberry are not even close — at least 40 percentage points lower. That is not competitive, that’s a joke.

The story here is that continuous and smart innovation within the context of popular culture is mandatory for any tech company to keep marketshare. It is a tall order.

Pandora and Spotify dominate currently in streaming music. Google is threatening to add YouTube Music Key to the available music services. And Apple is slowly but steadily expanding the presence of Beats Music.

As music and tech analysis guru Bob Lefsetz often writes, there will only be one winner:

The Internet shrinks the world down to a click. With every store right next to the other, only one survives. So Google owns search. Facebook is your digital home. And Amazon is where you buy…seemingly everything.

The comScore report tells us, yes, there will be one who dominates, but only for a time. It will change.