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Bop.fm tag line

Beats Music, along with a few other streaming services, has been feeding music into the Bop.fm interface since March of this year. As their tagline above implies, Bop ultimately wants to be the network that lets you play and share any song, any time from any music streaming service.

It’s an ambitious (and elegant) goal. Bop is going in the right direction as today they announced raising $2 million from Charles River Ventures.

Bop may be in a prime position to expand their business as music streaming services are launching seemingly every month – potentially adding confusion for the consumer. As Bop grows, they may be able to add simplicity and clarity to music streaming.

CEO Shehzad Daredia says Bop offers analytic reports to artists who share Bop links. The breakdown is not limited to song plays, it can also include country, device, service, OS – “We’ve had campaigns where people have come back and said, wow I didn’t realize that 10 percent of my audience uses Deezer, I should consider doing marketing campaigns with Deezer,” he says.