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In a survey of 7000 high school seniors, 31% say they use Spotify while about 18% use Beats Music. Pandora and iTunes come in at over 70% usage, but they offer an online radio service, not on-demand music streaming. The chart below offers the complete picture:

Oline Music Usage for Class of 2014

Source – Niche.com (click to enlarge)

Niche asked high school seniors to rate 50 of the leading apps, technology and websites on their usage. Niche’s article offers the complete results for many more categories. The chart above only shows results for the music services students were asked about. When digging deeper into their methodology, students were allowed to write-in services that did not appear on the survey. The music sector was the only area that had significant write-in’s — specifically: Youtube, Soundcloud, 8tracks, and Songza.

This shows people are seeking-out music through many many services and there has not been huge consolidation… yet. Stay-tuned to see how the tech giants continue to move toward music.