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Hyman and Rogers interview

Hyman & Rogers (2011)

David Hyman, founder and former CEO of MOG music service, has presented Beats Music with a lawsuit alleging breach of contract.  MOG was purchased by Beats in 2012 for a reported $15 million to $20 million. Hyman claims in the lawsuit that he was fired after 8 months so Beats would not have to honor an outstanding equity interest payout stipulated in his contract on Hyman’s 1 year anniversary. Beats Music has not publicly responded to the lawsuit.

Going back in time to 2011, Ian Rogers interviewed David Hyman in a very friendly and informative exchange. At the time, David Hyman was MOG’s CEO and Rogers was Topspin’s CEO (since 2013, Rogers is Beats Music CEO). I wonder if Rogers had any inkling that he would ultimately lead a music streaming service that had its beginnings from MOG…

The interview starts with Hyman’s background. Then around 20:30, Hyman describes the journey MOG went through in becoming a music streaming service. He names some executives that championed the cause and also describes (at 35:00) what might be needed in the future for streaming to scale up; he says, integrate into customers cable/phone/ISP bills, and get into the car – all of which are coming to fruition with Beats Music.