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Apple swallows BeatsApple might be purchasing Beats Electronics for a reported $3.2billion. As of now, Apple and Beats have declined to comment, but the Financial Times says a deal could be announced as early as next week. Beats, the headphone maker, considers itself a lifestyle company and Beats Music is swaggering in the same direction – ‘music is life, we want to help’. Apple might be considering this purchase to be an injection of ‘cool’ into their products.

Apple has generally stayed away from acquiring high-profile companies. This departure from Apple’s history is shaking the media world into a frenetic buzz. In 2009, Apple purchased LaLa.com, a strong online music company that was growing. The general thinking was that Apple might transform LaLa into a music streaming powerhouse. If the Beats deal goes through, let’s see how Apple puts it to use. As for now, I have a feeling it’s business as usual at Beats Music.

Bob Lefsetz’s April fools joke might be coming true, kind-of…