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Seth Godin is a marketing guru. He is a master communicator. Seth GodinHis blog offers people sage business advice, which often relates to the business of life too. A few days ago, he wrote about free; actually the free frenzy. Essentially he says free seduces people out of the mindset to ask if it is “worth it.” Read it in his succinct words here.

Godin wrote, “free is a fine way to grab attention, but more and more often, it’s precisely the wrong sort of attention from the wrong people.”¬†Musicians grapple with this idea along with music businesses (record companies, managers, concert promoters, etc.). Ownership adds a level of care and responsibility.

If the streaming music discussion is framed through Godin’s prism, the music fan willing to pay a subscription is the music fan Beats Music wants. What is the balance between enough subscribers to sustain the streaming business and making streaming music “worth it” for subscribers to keep listening? It might be value. But it might be as simple as – if your friends are on the service, you will be too.Tweet iancr

Just as I was grappling with music’s worth and value as it relates to business, CEO of Beats Music Ian Rogers, tweets Seth Godin’s post. Rogers is a vocal proponent for not free and Godin’s post gives the argument fuel.