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“Sunset Strip Hair Metal” is todays quirky playlist on Beats Music. It arrives from the Beats Rock genre. I love that “hair metal” is an accepted, perfectly descriptive way of referring to a time period of rock music that was equal parts pop, rock and metal (like a good negroni for the mixologist enthusiasts out there).

Beats Rock genreAs Beats Music curator Suzy Cole writes, in the 1980’s musicians flocked to the “metal mecca” – the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. She defines ‘Hair Metal’ perfectly, succinctly and poetically:

Taking musical pages from 1970s hard rock and style pages from 1970s glam rock, the sound of the 80s was both gritty and pretty.

Listen to the Friday quirky playlist Sunset Strip Hair Metal.

Every Friday I’ll seek out a quirky playlist – something that intrigues or dumbfounds; a playlist that is multiple degrees off-center.