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Today, April 1, I could not resist posting about a headline by Bob Lefsetz: Apple Buys Beats! It made me smile as he methodically lays it out. Bob Lefsetz writes about music and technology that ten’s of thousands of subscribers receive. He tends to be bold in his assertions and may change his viewpoint as society and technology evolve.

LefsetzLetterHe wrote a post specifically about Beats Music here. But before their launch, he alluded to Daisy (the Beats Music code-name) very briefly a handful of times this past year:
Trusted Filters
Thom Yorke vs Spotify
Soundscan Is Killing Our Business
Power Top Five
Map Of Success

As far as I can tell, Lefsetz’s view on Beats – in essence, only one service will win in the end and Spotify might already be too big to catch.

Since Beats Music launched, Lefsetz has very quietly mentioned them in the following posts:
Super Bowl
Mighty Storm
Lunch With Daniel Ek