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Beats Stage and Screen genreSongs For The Starry-Eyed is todays quirky playlist on Beats Music.  It comes from the Beats genre Stage and Screen.  Through their melodies and lyrics, these songs (very) intentionally pull at those sentimental tendencies stored within us.  If you are in a melodramatic mood, ready to expose it all, delve into this playlist.  Context is critical for this collection – sometimes the songs make sense only in reference to the film… as the Beats Music curator says:

Since the beginning of Hollywood’s history of film, the love theme has been an integral part of the make-up for a blockbuster.

Listen to the Friday quirky playlist Songs For The Starry-Eyed.

Every Friday I’ll seek out a quirky playlist – something that intrigues or dumbfounds; a playlist that is multiple degrees off-center.