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Topspin and Beats MusicTopspin has been acquired by Beats Music in a deal that will allow Topspin to continue operating their Topspin and ArtistLink (which Topspin created) platforms uninterrupted for now.  Artists using Topspin do not need to change anything yet.  What’s more, if you have an offer on Spotify using ArtistLink, it will continue to be supported.

Topspin was created 7 years ago.  Their mission was to help artists connect, promote and sell their music and merchandise to their fans.  They created a slew of online tools and deep analytics to help artists during a time that an email for a free download was useful for expanding your fanbase.  Streaming music is coming-of-age so using Topspin’s technology deeply integrated into Beats Music will enhance the user / artist connection as well as help artists make more money through Beats Music.

Let’s not forget, Beats Music’s CEO, Ian Rogers was the CEO of Topspin up until last year.  As he says in a blog post:

Over the next several months you’ll see our platform reveal many exciting new features, providing new ways to discover music and engage with your friends and the artists that create it.

Topspin appears to have been a critical ingredient for upcoming features on Beats Music.  Standby…