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You might call Dave Allen a thought leader (or provoker) in the digital media arena.  He is now working at Beats Music as Director, Artist & Music Industry Advocacy.

DaveAllenAs the newly appointed ambassador of Beats Music, he will be proactively bringing to the forefront the music-subscription concept for acceptance.  Artists, the music industry at large, and eventually consumers all need to be convinced that subscribing to a streaming music service is a healthy proposition for all – Dave Allen is on stage to perform.  In his own words, Dave will be

reaching out to artists and the recorded music industry to find common ground and debate real issues and real problems, problems that can hopefully be solved without resorting to rhetoric that inflames rather than assuages doubts.

Starting out as founding member of the band Gang Of Four back in 1978, Allen navigated through record label creator, to working for eMusic and Intel, and on to advertising – focusing on digital strategy as the phrase evolved in importance through the early web.  Under education on his Linkedin profile, Allen puts “My Library” – a telling sign of his enthusiasm to learn, one which I appreciate.

Find Dave Allen on Twitter and explore his work here.