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PlaylistsThe curators at Beats Music are offering three playlists on artists – Intro to,  Deep Cuts, and Influences – making it easy to start exploring music without wondering where to start.

The Intro to playlist will give you the most popular songs. Mostly the tunes the artist is known for.  Added are some extra songs that encourages a listen to the next playlist.

The Deep Cuts playlist does what the name implies – digs deeper into the catalog of music for the artist.  You know, like that album cut that was never on the radio but the lyrics knock you out every time – you may find that track in Deep Cuts.

The Influences playlist will give you a broad (sometimes really really broad) understanding on other music that may have guided the artist to create.  You just may discover something new-to-you on the Influences playlist.

Not all artists have these playlists currently, but when they do – it’s a quick education.