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Beats Music is focused on using human curators to make great playlists for us all to listen to.  I have a great example for you.  In honor of Black History month, Mason Williams (Head of Catalog Programming at Beats Music) created a playlist with a name that says it all: The Evolution of Black Music.Black Music evolution

It goes from Bessie Smith to Ray Charles, Miles Davis to Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin to Prince, Beyonce to Kanye West and lots more in between.  In their own words:

… we put together a playlist highlighting not only the evolution of black music, but also songs that helped influence and shape music and culture as a whole.

But it doesn’t stop at the music.  On the Beats Music blog, Williams is writing about each song throughout February – giving historical perspective and how it affected culture.  It’s been a thoughtful education coupled with undeniable grooves.  A pleasure.  Go ahead, listen here, read the history here.