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MOG is a music subscription service that was started by David Hyman back in 2005.  You can still use it – but not for long.  It was acquired in May of 2012 by Beats Electronics.mog

Acquiring MOG was the first step in starting a Beats music service.  In January of 2013 Ian Rogers left the CEO post at Topspin Media for a CEO post at Beats music service.  Daisy was the code name for the music service that ultimately became Beats Music.beats logo

So what will happen with MOG and its estimated 500,000 users?  Beats is trying to bring them over to Beats Music before April 15 – which is when MOG will shut down.

It’s reported that MOG playlists will transfer but Favorites will not.  Beats Music incorporates many features of MOG but apparently is not built directly on top of MOG.

MOG users have some time to decide where to go for their music.  There is a growing tribe of users that would rather stay on MOG.  Considering Beats Music just opened to the masses 7 days ago, their eventual, and inevitable, roll-out of new features might appease (and maybe even delight) the upset MOG users.