verb; past tense: overwhelmed

1. bury or drown beneath a huge mass.

It took one day for Beats Music to be overwhelmed with traffic. Sometime this morning, Beats Music service slowed for some, and flat-out died for others.

My music kept playing, so not everyone was effected. Some would argue that it’s a good problem to crash the service because of immense interest.  Others say, it should have been anticipated.

Whichever tribe you side with, CEO Ian Rogers communicated mid-afternoon – thanking everyone for making Beats Music the #1 music App in the iTunes store. He also acknowledged that the “extremely high volume of interest” is causing issues.

Rogers says they have a plan, but for now Beats Music has stopped letting new people sign up. Those that are registered already get an added 7 days to their free trial.

People are speaking up. After one day, here is what Apple and Android reviewers say: